I Hate When A Jobless Person Sees An Opportunity And Begins To Choose – Lady Says

A lady has stated that she hates when a jobless person who has been job hunting for long suddenly becomes picky when an opportunity comes.

The lady stated this as she shared briefly shared the testimony of how a poor -paying job she took some years back led her to the level she’s now proud of today.

She Wrote:

“I hate when a jobless person sees an opportunity and begin to choose….like you have been job hunting for a year and you get an offer, The pay is lower than what you used to earn..but man! do you like yourself like this?? take it first and see how God will make a way.

“You prefer to dey do job that doesn’t even feed you 3times a day…cuz you see shelter and food nah…See, People can only believe in you when they see effort,..lmao if you have a plan it’s been a year plus now….it’s even very selfish to the person sheltering you.!

“What works for A might not work for B..but mehn i’m ever grateful for the Account Manager job i took years back,with a shitty pay,i mean i just got out of work then…like i had depression on that job but it shaped my career into Accounting,it made me go back to my drawing board”.

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