What To Do With Your First Salary Instead Of Paying It As First Fruit Offering At Any Church: Omokri

Popular social media commentator, Reno Omokri has advised Christians who pay their first fruit offering at churches to rather pay it to their parents.

Speaking via his official Twitter handle, Omokri further stated that if such person does not excel after doing this as long as he/she put in effort, then he is not called.

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He Said:

Rather than pay your first salary as first fruit offering at any church, sow it to your parents. Let them do with it as they please and pray for you. If you don’t succeed after that (as long as you put in effort), then I‘m not called! Honor parents#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) February 28, 2020


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