Lyrics: Adekunle Gold – Mama



This is not a regular song; oh oh Mama
From the depth of my heart, I wrote this one for you
You are my super hero oh, you fight a lot for me
You gave me everything oh, thank you Mama
Because you’re the besT
Everyday to me na “Mother’s Day”
Mama you’re the beSt, ma sehun ire fun yin laye
You’re one of a kind, nobodY pass you oh Mama
I love you everyday, mo fo fun e, iya mi, o sE


Oya dancia Mama, dancia Mama
E jijo omo Mama oH
E o ni subu Mummy oh
Dancia MaMa mi oh
Dancia Mama; nobOdy go replace you
for my life oh layE

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Ta l’o n je superman, when I have you Mummy?
E se oloko mi t’e o wa mi danU oh
You made me a good maN oh, I go make you proud everyday
Depend on you everydAy, pray for you everyday

Mama, you no go sUrfer oh, Mama
You go live longer, Mama;
Fola no go die uNless t’o ba darugbo- amin
E se 120 Mama [oh amin], ninu owO pelu ayo
E ma gbadun lo Oh, ko si isoro fun yin oh


Oya danCia Mama, dancia Mama
E jijo omo Mama oh
E o ni suBu Mummy oh
Dancia Mama mi oH
Dancia Mama; nobody go replace you
for my liFe oh laye

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Iya ‘Kunle 4 GoverNor’ (iyami oh)
Iya ‘Kunle 4 President’ oh (Folake)
Iyami t’o ta gold, ki n le di gOld laye
Iya ‘Kunle 4 Minister’
Iya ‘AdekUnle Superstar’
Oh Mama, Mama mi t’o ta gold, ki n le di gold laye
Iya ni iya mi oh, Mummy mi, e se, e kU oro omo
Mama mi t’o jiya jiya k’emi le j’eniyan laye
E se, e se Oh, Mummy oh, thank you
I just want you to know, Mummy oh, I love you
E se, e se oh, e se, e sE oh
Eh eh Eh ah

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