‘Death Sentence Won’t Stop Corruption, It’s In The Blood Of Nigerians’- Robert Clarke

Robert Clarke, a senior advocate of Nigeria, says death sentence will not stop corruption because the act of stealing runs in the blood of Nigerians.

In an interview with the Punch, the lawyer said good governance remains the solution to curbing corruption and improve the economy.

He said corruption is strengthened by the perception of some Nigerians who view political positions as a “money-spinning venture”.

“Whether it is capital punishment or not, a crook would always be a crook. Most of these things are in the blood,” he said.

“Somebody who wants to steal has it in the blood and some Nigerians have imbibed the custom of believing that when they are working for government, they are there to steal. If you are made a commissioner tomorrow, all your relations are looking forward to getting contracts from you.

“So, we believe it’s a money-spinning venture. Sentencing people to death will not stop people from stealing. it’s in the blood of Nigerians to steal. Once there is good governance, the propensity to steal would reduce.”

Clarke called for the abolition of death sentence, saying most governors refuse to ensure its effectiveness as a result of their religious beliefs.

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He recommended a minimum of 20 years imprisonment as an alternative to capital punishment.

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