Jehovah Witness Parents Lock Up 1-Year-Old Baby Suffering From Health

A couple, who are Jehovah Witness members, allegedly locked up their 1-year-old baby suffering from a health challenge, Hydrocephalus and have refused to take her for surgery.

Hydrocephalus is a health condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain which often occurs in young children as it enlarges the head and damages the brain.

The video of the father carrying the children while engaging in a conversation with Harrison Gwamnishu was shared with the caption:

“FROM GWAMNISHU HARRISON: My day has been ruined by this little 1year 7months old baby’s predicament in the hands of her Jehovah Witness parents who are religious fanatics that always lock her indoors alone because of her health challenge. She’s suffering from Hydrocephalus and the parents have vehemently opposed all pleas to carry out surgery on the baby citing religious belief. No responsible and responsive government will fold its arms and allow any parent or guardian to act ignorantly on religious grounds in a way that would be life threatening to a citizen, especially their children or wards. We will use every legal action to rescue the child from them and bring her back to life… Your opinion is also needed as the baby needs urgent medical care…”


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