OMG!!! Social Media On Fire after Buhari’s Daughter Flew In Presidential Jet For Photoshoot

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed outrage after President Buhari’s daughter Hanan was flown in a presidential jet for a private photoshoot of an arranged durbar.

The certified creative photographer and the youngest daughter of Buhari landed in Bauchi on Thursday for the durbar organized just for her photographic pleasure by the Emir of Bauchi, Rilwanu Adamu, at his palace.

Hanan was also accorded the courtesy that would have been accorded her mother Aisha, as she was received at the Tafawa Balewa Airport by Bauchi’s First Lady and other government officials

The Daily Nigerian showed Hanan clicking away during the Durbar.

Miss Buhari’s visit on presidential jet has triggered a Twitter storm with most people condemning the use of the Nigerian Airforce aircraft for “personal use” and questioning Buhari’s integrity.

Read some of the reactions:

Barrister Bayo Olalekan!
There’s nothing in this life that’s ever going to justify or normalize Hanan Buhari’s use of the Presidential jet for private trip, not even the President is within the law allowed to useless the taxpayers money on personal or private purposes. But BMC boys would say it’s okay.

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Fahad LONGMAN ??
So Hanan has this week, she’s just making headlines. The other day was about somebody been detained by DSS and today is about her trip to Bauchi on Presidential jet. …

Lere Olayinka – Aresa 1

Office of the Last Daughter of President of Nigeria, Hanan Buhari.

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The family of our HUMBLE and POOR President now flying Presidential Jet up and down.

And the Almighty President Daughter is being received by…

Usman Okai Austin
So Hanan Buhari is now cruising with our Presidential flight. Though we were told in 2016 that there was a plan to sell them inorder to reduce cost, but now his daughter, despite the fact that he’s regarded as the “Man of Integrity” is using one of them.

Dickson Iroegbu
Buhari’s last daughter Hanan Muhammadu Buhari, arrived Bauchi for a state visit. Nigeria, oh how my heart bleeds!

WHERE IS ZA INTEGRITY? @MBuhari, Mr. President, will history be fair to you?✍

Young Otutu
Lest we forget:

The daughter of the president who promised not to allow unwarranted spending in governance,

Hanan Buhari is busy flying Airforce 1 to go greet dignitaries & their wives With DSS securities, all on tax payers funds.

Lest we forget.

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