I Want To Be The Greatest Artiste Ever Liveth – Kizz Daniel Disregards Other Artiste

Kizz Daniel who covered the new episode of Vibe.ng Magazine got in an interview with them and finally breaks the ice on the G-Worldwide scandal as he says where he is coming from is not a bad place, it is actually a good place and that he just wanted something better. Kizz Daniel in the interview with Vibe magazine says he just wants to be the greatest artiste that will ever live, and he does not care who the biggest is currently, as it is just a temporary thing.

  Kizz Daniel - Ada

“Actually, I just want to be the greatest artiste ever liveth. I don’t really care about who the biggest is. It is just a temporary thing”.

He also announced that he is writing a movie about his life while he was talking about his plans to make a transition into the movie industry in Nigeria. Many people know by now that kizz Daniel‘s talent has versatility as we have seen shades of him as a musician, comedian, an actor (his role in the video for sheyi shay’s surrender video) and now revealed to be a script writer.

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