Steflon Don Gets A Diamond “Burna Boy” Inscripted Necklace Worth 15 Million | Watch

It is a beautiful thing when one falls in love and always have that feeling that the “right one” is who you are in love with, it gets you rightly intoxicated and always on the verge to keep you around the person even when you are far away.

This is exactly how British rapper, singer and girlfriend of our very own superstar; Burna Boy, Steflon Don currently feels as she took her relationship to a whole new level by getting a diamond laced necklace that carries the inscription of the “Ye” singer, to keep her in touch even when they aren’t around eachother amongst many other reasons.

  Burna Boy finally arrested and detained for reportedly assaulting Mr 2Kay

Steflon took to her Instagram story to unveil the expensive neck piece which shines so bright as her relationship with Burna Boy. This is an evidence that she truly is in love with Burna and has passion for what they share.

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