Vector Is A Brilliant & More Matured Rapper Than MI…Do You Agree?

Although MI is regarded as arguably the greatest Nigerian rapper alive, many are still of the opinion he is overrated based on the belief that he drops too many regular lines and not so dope lyrics that is expected of a rapper who is regarded as “the greatest.”

Lots of music fans believe instead of according to him such huge title, one of his greatest rivals, Vector, is more deserving of it. Many believe Vector is a better rapper than MI as a result of his hardcore lyrics, deep and very difficult to decode punchlines (which after eventually decoded, blows your mind away) and enviable word plays on his records.

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For example, about 10 years back, legendary rapper, Modenine took the Headies “Lyricist on the roll” award as his own for quite a number of years until he was stripped off it by Vector who later went on to win it for a couple of years more. Stripping Modenine off that award was a thing many considered to be impossible as at that time as a result of the legend’s immense rap qualities too, but due to Vector’s brilliance and ingenuity when spitting his lines, he knocked the title off the legendary rapper. This further aids the notion of the fans that believe Vector is a greater rap asset than MI.

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The argument still never ceases among Hip-Hop fans as to who is the better rapper between MI and Vector though, while many will choose MI as a better rapper due to his profound success in the rap game, as much number as that many would choose Vector as the better one due to his brilliant display of exquisite rap lyrics on his records and others’.

With all of the words above, do you agree Vector is a brilliant & more matured rapper than MI?

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