Asaba Film Academy Trainees Set To Have First Movie Produced By John Chuka


Filmmaker John Chuka graduated from the New York Film Academy with the goal of revolutionizing the African film industry.

Armed with two business degrees from Holland and America, it dawned on John Chuka that the emerging film industry in Nigeria is a viable venture for wealth creation that can be harnessed.

But the constraint then was that while he understood business, he did not know film. It was at this point that John Chuka decided to attend the New York Film Academy.

“Considering the fact that I wasn’t going back to school to acquire just a degree, but a product, I chose NYFA because of its hands-on approach to teaching filmmaking and moreover, NYFA is highly recognized as a credible film school in my country of origin, Nigeria.”

Thus far, John Chuka is on the right track, he graduated from the prestigious NewYork Film Academy, Hollywood and came back home to Nigeria establishing Asaba Film Academy in 2014, basking in the positive euphoria that trailed his movie The Fetus which won Best Short Film/Trailer and Best Original Score/Soundtrack at the Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA) – otherwise known as the African Oscars in Washington D.C.

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Asaba Film Academy (AFA) a branch of the larger John Chuka Productions is a Film Institute that train and mentor those who have the flair to tap into the amazing opportunities inherent in the Nigerian Movie space.

Since inception, the Film Academy has trained over 150 persons cutting across fields in film making to include but not limited to Acting, Screenwriting, Directing etc. for free.

John Chuka’s intermittent back and forth to the United States for the sole purpose of shoring prospects of the Academy by way of providing equipments, building capacity, creating relevance and credibility in the industry meant commercial projects were on hold, and focus was given more to students and trainee film projects to ensure necessary professionalism is garnered and sustained.

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Working with AFA trainees and Nollywood veterans, John Chuka and AFA is ready to execute her maiden commercial venture titled: #Asia_TheLOVECOVENANT.

John is optimistic about the project, though on a shoe string budget with majority of the funds sourced from crowd funding, he is in high expectations of the prospects of the Film. The fact that protégés of his, sat through a one month session to craft the scene, all AFA trained gives him the fulfillment of what his platform has done.

Production for the Film kicks off by the end of November.

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