Muzo AKA Alphonso Disses Kopala Swag in Original “Jump Off XIV” Verse

Muzo AKA Alphonso‘s original “Jump Off XIV” verse has surfaced online shared by Muzo himself as the official anthem for his newly opened music recording studio “Music Afro Horn Sounds”. For this version, the rapper recycled the verse on a new beat created by Maserati,  where he throws plenty of shade to Kopala Swag.

Just when we thought Tonny Breezy and Muzo AKA Alphonso have squashed their beef, it doesn’t seem like that now looking at the extreme Tonny cleaned the Jump Off XIV verse just to make sure it doesn’t come out a diss track to Kopala Swag noticing from the censored line on which the rapper said, “Yandi Iyapanga Music Alpha Anso” translated in English to “My Music Made Alpha“.

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Yesterday (17th May), Dj Jaffe who happened to record the verse took to Facebook to air out his disappointment with the alterations Tonny made to the verse and seemingly Muzo has also not been happy about it, either.

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We are yet to hear from Tonny Breezy on why he altered all the shade to Alpha Entertainment.

Listen to Muzo’s original verse below:

Muzo AKA Alphonso Disses Kopala Swag in Original “Jump Off XIV” Verse

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